Indian Army scouts for TETRA handheld radio sets

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    SOURCE: SP’s Special Correspondent

    In an effort to ramp up tactical communication, the Indian Army is looking to rapidly procure TETRA handheld radios to meet its demands for mobile voice and data communications in a field environment. These Army has stipulated that any new handheld radios it considers will be required to function along with existing TETRA infrastructure already in place with the service.

    Apart from the mandatory function of voice and data communication, the Army has stipulated that it would be interested in supplementary functions on the TETRA handsets, which include priority pre-emption, ambience listening, talking party identification, calling line identity presentation, connected line indication, call forwarding unconditional/busy/no reply/not reachable, barring of incoming/outgoing calls, emergency call, automatic transmission of geographical location (using a GPS receiver) and call control features. The Army has sought an early response from vendors interested in contributing to a test schedule.

    Indian Army scouts for TETRA handheld radio sets |

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