Indian-American creates world's largest tricolour

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    Indian-American creates world's largest tricolour - Times Of India

    CHICAGO: Exuding unflinching patriotism, an Indian-American here has created the world's largest Indian flag, weighing 250 kg, as a symbol of peace and harmony in the country.

    The tricolour, which stretches 153 by 102 feet, was created by entertainment businessman Monty Saiyed and has found place in Limca Book of Records in April this year.

    His creation will feature at the two-day Vibrant India event to be held here on July 16 and 17 with performances from Bollywood actors and singers.

    "The flag is a message of peace and unity. This is an occasion of unity where everybody should stand together and support the cause of the flag and take the honour of it," Saiyed, 35, said.

    It took 15 days for seven Porbandar tailors, recruited by Saiyed, to sew this cotton flag.

    After the Vibrant India event, the flag will be flown back to Navsari in Gujarat and could be used in other events in different Indian states.

    "Next year, the flag will be used for the same purpose of peace and unity in different states in India," Saiyed said.

    Saiyed, who is living in the US since the age of seven, said his great grandfather first came to India 1100 years ago from Medina in Saudi Arabia, when King Siddhraj Jaysingh was the ruler settled in Navsari. His family members also run a foundation called "Gandhi Peace Mission" in Gujarat for the last 7-8 years.
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    Its very interesting that he knows his family history so well! Even though we have maintained some semblance of family trees etc, who really knows what happened/where we came from more than 2 or 3 thousand years ago?
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    Most people living in India today have ancestors who also lived in India for at least 3,000 years.

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