India, US troops take part in simulated military operation

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    India, US troops take part in simulated military operation - The Economic Times

    JODHPUR: Troops of Indian and US armies conducted night operations to neutralise and flush out insurgents hiding in a village in Rajasthan during an exercise codenamed 'Desert Lark'.

    The simulated operation was part of the ongoing war game - codenamed 'Exercise Yudh Abhyas'- between the two armies.

    The drill saw Indian and US troops establishing a cordon using their combat vehicles at night and then conduct dismounted searches by day to flush out insurgents, Army officials said today.

    The drill was performed in the Mahajan Field Range near Bikaner last night and was witnessed by delegation leaders from both the sides.

    The seventh edition of Yudh Abhyas is taking place at two locations under the South Western Command of the Indian Army.

    While the field training exercises are being conducted at Mahajan range, the Army Engineers from both sides are involved in Ex Sarvada Saviour at Bathinda.

    "Ex Sarvada Saviour is focused on challenges faced by Sappers in countering threats of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), infrastructure development in strife torn regions and execution of rescue and relief operations during natural calamities or disasters," an army official said.

    The field training exercise comprises troops from 2nd Squadron, 14th US Cavalry Regiment from 25th Infantry Division, along with a platoon of Strykers, and a similar sized Indian Army contingent of mechanised infantry.

    A number of key surveillance, communications and lED detection and neutralisation technologies, available with both sides, are being fielded in the exercise, the officials said.

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