India fourth-most affected by Downadup malware attacks: Report

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    India fourth-most affected by Downadup malware attacks: Report
    India is in the top-five list of countries hit hard by the Downadup malwares in 2015.
    India is the fourth country that has most number of attacks by the Downadup malware family, a report by Finland-based online security and privacy company F-Secure, said. It added that besides India, this threat was most frequently detected in Finland, France, Germany, Italy and Norway. F-Secure Threat Round up Report 2015 details the trends and events in global cyber threats that hit consumers and companies last year.

    In 2015, Downadup was the most frequently detected type of malware in computers in Finland, France and Germany. India is the fourth on the list while Italy and Norway follow the suit. According to the report, the computer worm, which was first discovered in 2008, is now recognized as one of today’s most widespread malware infections.

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