India expects Pakistan to fight all terrorists with 'same force'.

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    India expects Pakistan to fight all terrorists with 'same force'

    Indo-Asian News Service

    On Board Special Aircraft, July 23, 2009
    First Published: 20:17 IST(23/7/2009)
    Last Updated: 20:23 IST(23/7/2009)

    India on Thursday asked Pakistan to 'show the same force' in fighting anti-India terrorists on its soil as it has done in combating the Taliban and other anti-West militants.

    "Pakistan has taken certain steps like fighting the Taliban in the Swat valley," External Affairs Minister SM Krishna told journalists when asked if Islamabad was showing commitment in fighting terrorists who target India.
    "We expect Pakistan should go after the terrorists, who are targeting India, with the same force," he added.

    He was interacting with journalists while returning from the Thai island resort of Phuket, where he participated in the ASEAN Regional Forum meeting.

    Asked about Jamaat-ud-Daawa (JuD) chief Hafeez Saeed, suspected to be a mastermind of the Nov 26 Mumbai terrorist attacks, Krishna said Pakistani authorities had made an appeal in court against his recent release. "The law should take its course," he said.

    "Pakistan should take action against any head of a terrorist organisation working against India," he added.

    Is this possible?:sad:
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    No its not posssible. We(USA,India,Isreal) need to take extreame steps to disintergrate pak and take control of her nuclear weapons and bombed terrorist camp our self. pak is like cancer on this earth which need to be cut..........
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    Exterminating an Emo means one low-life less!
    Well it seems like if u pay pakistan money they will take some action or let u take some action, look at what US doing right now. they will scream US is doing that US is doing this but in effect Pak government will sit there and watch it.....i think we Indian should do the same what US is doing now. bomb them from heavens and suffocate terrorist pot holes and camps.

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