Ignore bureaucratic resistance and create a chief of defence staff

Discussion in 'Land Forces' started by Ray, Sep 4, 2012.

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    Right from the horses mouth!

    This is why the CDS can never come into being!

    There is no doubt that there has to be a one point decision making authority in these days of modern warfare where synergy and jointmanship will decide the outcome of war, and yet on the other hand, insecurity amongst the bureaucracy and political satraps is equally a concern to keep in mind.

    What is more important? A synergised Military or a fear that such a synergy will upset the bureaucratic and political apple cart?

    There is no doubt that a maverick rebel as the CDS can make the pool murky, while on the other hand, not having a CDS would mean that each service would go its own way and waste time, effort and energy building their Empires which will address war as individual entities and without the punch and synergy that could make the effort to win more economical in terms of men dead and equipment destroyed.

    Kargil is an ideal case study of the Army going in, and then the Air Force, initially reluctant joining in and going their own way.

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