If a Man justly praises, asks sincere questions, will you sincerely explain, about India?

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    A quick TL:DR. I met a woman from India in the US. We are married now years.

    When I met her I did not know anything about India, never heard, "Desi."

    Since marriage I have been around huge growing group of Americans who came from India. I have also visited India once to meet some of her relatives.

    Opinions of OLD USA and praise to India: My wife is everything I ever dreamed. She is that person because her parents sheltered her, educated her, and did not allow her out with men alone. I almost could not understand her purity. This is of great value. I had never met a pure girl in the West.

    DO NOT allow feminism, race justice, or change your culture, history and native values. I am sorry, but the truth is be careful with some Jewish people, they will divide your country apart and rule while everyone fights each other.

    Western women have become foul, vile, selfish, I refused to marry. Then I met her - I told her I would not see her until she was a citizen. She was! Lucky me! Smart, unspoiled Gujrati!

    I read the Gita, when my wife's husband gave book to me. No words. This is a great treasure, always save Hinduism for the world. Gita is as holy as Jesus or Buddha - but it is more clear!

    I love my family in India, they took amazing care, and you will laugh but family, community, caste (extended relation group), spirit/soul - it is dead in the USA.

    The USA has mastered projecting control, wealth, fear, and death. Many USA people suffer every affliction, anxiety, addictions, depressions. USA is master of many very dark and hidden things. Beware greed only for wealth and power, to finally win this is sacrifice of all compassion and connection and to be alone forever.

    I did not know how to deal with India, my first reaction was to pull away, but after a month, hurt, this is how humans supposed to live. Not alone, Big family!

    However, USA will not attack you, China will, probably ten years away. Ally mutual defense with Japan.

    Beware growing Russia-China Axis, with their puppet Pakistan. Ally with USA will come at great cost, and should be a last resort if needed.


    In India I was told I had beautiful pale skin, a few people asked if they could touch me. At one point a crowd just mobbed 5 people deep in every direction around me - I stuck out like a blonde spoke on the wheel of a crowd. Her Uncle's men drove the people away kicking. This felt good to be liked for who I am - in USA they say white people are almost evil things. Do you not get the media telling you about evil white privileges and powers?

    I fought my wife and made her stop using a cream. Why the USA they say go get a tan, but India they say go get a cream? They just try to make everyone feel insecure?

    Why is anger bad? The first time my wife saw me get angry and confront another man she got sick.

    Why are some Indians passive in US and India? They won't talk they are so shy. Her father is smartest doctor I have ever met, I have great respect, but he is like Ghandi !! I have fought for her family when they do not want fighting.

    Her Uncle owns factory in India and is rich. He is not passive, but very powerful man. Why?

    Why does every Indian outside Silicon Valley stare at us?? In SV we are normal, but everywhere else Desi look at us. A few men with hate, until I look back for a while. why? English and Indian married, why are we stared at?

    I have tons more but,
    if you have questions for me,

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