How the occupation of Gaza corrupts the occupier

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    Actually, the Jewish people have a reason to be seized with the psychology that makes one feel that of a victim.

    The Palestinians and Jews are of the same stock, but of different religions.

    Historically, the Jews are from the very same land, but were sent wandering.

    By a quirk in history, they managed to get land in their ancestral homeland, but it invited the ire of all those who were evicted and also the fanatical neighbourhood.

    The continuous attempts of the Arab world to unitedly evict the Hews from their homeland (which in any case the Arabs lost each and every time inspite of their patriotic rhetoric and feigned racial superiority), has made the Jews more united in opposition give grist to their victimhood mentality.

    One could say that the Jews, who are outnumbered by the Arabs, are merely defending their right to live!

    However the Arabs and their sympathisers do not subscribe to that view.

    One wonders which side of the argument is correct.
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    The Jews are correct, Case closed
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