Govt looking at transit oriented development option

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    Press Trust of India / New Delhi October 08, 2012, 13:55

    Lamenting the poor state of urban planning in India where 40 million people are living in unplanned areas in the capital itself, Urban Development minister Kamal Nath today said government was looking at Transit Oriented Development as an option.

    "Just in Delhi, we have 40 million people living in unauthorised colonies....40 million people...Over 1600 unauthorised colonies, that was the assessment as per a survey done in 2007. We are in 2012, I shudder to think if we were to do a survey now," he said.

    "When the capital of India has 40 million people living in unplanned areas, forget about the unauthorised, completely unplanned. How do we deal with this legacy?" he asked.

    The Urban Development minister was speaking at a conference organised by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

    "We in India, have most restrictive FAR, which even by Asian standards is exceptionally low. This needs to be revised looking at the infrastructure and the location where it can be increased," he said.

    "One of the possibilities being discussed is Transit orientated development, where we can have mixed use and higher and more intensive development. Invariably we are looking at transit oriented development where there is a huge wide road, there is a metro in the middle, so that people can come in metros, go to work, have their entertainment and recreation and sit in the metros and go back home," he said.

    Nath said that since the amount needed to develop urban infrastructure was huge, it was important to develop suitable Public Private Partnership (PPP) models. He also said that there was need for states to focus on capacity building for urbanisation, starting from the municipal levels. (More)

    Govt looking at transit oriented development option | Business Standard

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