Government and opposition parties on joyful monsoon vacations

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    Government and opposition parties on joyful monsoon vacations
    After hefty work post budget session, India’s Members of Parliament (MP) again met for a joyful monsoon vacation. “It’s really enjoyable time. We had really worked hard during the period between budget session and monsoon session. But, thanks to India’s Parliamentary process that we get at 3 good sessions for resting and enjoying picnic like atmosphere,” said an MP of Congress who requested anonymity.

    “Yea it’s really good time always. See ruling party makes different scams during two Parliamentary sessions and opposition parties shuts down the session by protesting the ruling party,” said one of the leaders of Third Front. “If the ruling party does not get a scam to display in the session, then they bring any of the critical issues or bills so that session is closed without any discussion and a pleasure for eyes of Indian people. It is really a good entertainment.” he added.

    One of the supporters of the most intellectual creature in the universe and Rahul Baba’s guru Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) said “Diggy Chacha is really missing the thrilling and adventures vacation at the city of India’s Parliament as he had taken a Political Sanyaas for 10 years.” However, the supporter also said that he is planning his last date of Sanyaas and Rahul Baba’s oath as a Prime Minister should be on same date.
    One of the Congress Leaders said “it’s a treat to watch the entire saga. I am lucky that I grew up in India and I got the opportunity to serve to the nation by attending such vacations.”

    DCFC shows its readers one of the incidences which give an understanding that how much enjoyable Parliamentary session is.

    Case Study

    A war of words broke out between the opposition and the treasury benches in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) shouting slogans against Congress president Sonia Gandhi for her role in appointing Suresh Kalmadi as chief of the Commonwealth Games (CWG) Organising Committee. Interestingly, both are not present in the session so it was the other Congress leaders’ responsibility to answer. All third rate Congress MPs started giving answers to all third rate BJP MPs.

    Congress MPs asked BJP to apologize as it was like a national issue. The BJP, however, refused to apologize, leading to a short adjournment of the house. The verbal clashes broke out as Rajya Sabha was discussing sports minister Ajay Maken's statement that the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government was responsible for the appointment of Kalmadi (great Kalmadi Uncle you have good connections with Congress and BJP), who is now in jail for his alleged role in irregularities in CWG projects.

    Now top leaders of BJP started with sensible language. Leader Arun Jaitley said Kalmadi had held a series of meetings with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi.

    He said the Prime Minister had gone ahead with the selection of Kalmadi as chief of the Organising Committee even though the sports ministry and bureaucrats in his own office had recommended against it.

    After sensibility, a number of third rate BJP members who wanted to score marks in front of top leaders shouted slogans stating that Gandhi was responsible for Kalmadi's appointment.

    "Gali gali me shor hai, Sonia Gandhi chor hai (Sonia Gandhi is a thief)," the BJP members shouted, slogan which actually was not really required. However, the enjoyment should not suffer and the vacation should not be considered as boring, the MPs put some high level remarks. India’s former Prime Minister A. B. Vajpayee (enjoying Political Sanyaas these days) twitted with a long lasting/long duration pause “I have been associated to so many parliamentary sessions but such a thrilling and adventurous sessions I hardly experienced. Planning to join again.”

    This agitated the Congress members, who gathered close to the chairman's podium, to protest.
    Amid the pandemonium, deputy chairman K Rahman Khan adjourned the house for 15 minutes. Now it was the turn for Congress Party third rate MPs who asked and started demanding an apology.

    "This is a serious debate... if the idea is to call the Congress leader names, it is not acceptable," Congress leader Ashwani Kumar said. For a long time, Ashwani Kumar was on shut-up my mouth yog vidya and now disclosed his intentions of comeback.

    "The leader of opposition must show generosity and apologize," he said.

    The chair also directed the opposition to apologize.

    "No member has the right to accuse... it is unparliamentary," Khan said.

    The opposition members, however, remained adamant as expected and refused to apologize. The chair then adjourned the house till 2pm for lunch.

    Source: Digvijay Singh Fan Club
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