----------- Gets Hacked, 38K Members Data at Risk

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    ----------- Gets Hacked, 38K Members Data at Risk
    -----------, one of the largest and most active Pakistani forum on internet, reportedly got hacked earlier today by an independent Indian hacker.

    Hacker claims that he has got access to main database of ----------- and a 2 GB file has been dumped and saved with him. He aims to release the whole dump, that contains user information of some 38,000 members, sometime later.

    Named as pr0tect0r or also known as mrNRG is an independent hacker. He revealed on a hacker forum that he hacked the forum not as part of any group or in response to anything. His main motive behind hacking the forum was a vulnerability he found in the website.

    He writes:

    mirrors:- http://www.zone-h.org/mirror/id/14686416 http://legend-h.org/mirror/205827/defenc…anced.html mysql database of 2gb dumped :O I’ll leak the details 38k users over my twitter page :p No Cyber War here!! Just another vulnerable site which needs to be notified
    We reached out to ----------- to find out their version of story, however, we are yet to get any response from them.

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