German kidnapped in 2012 in Pakistan is freed in Afghanistan

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    Man working for German NGO that fights hunger.
    He was kidnapped in the center of Pakistan along with an Italian.

    A German, who had been kidnapped for more than two years in Pakistan, was released in Kabul, Afghanistan, announced on Friday (10) the German foreign ministry.

    "The government is very relieved that a German citizen who was kidnapped for more than two years in Pakistan, was freed in Afghanistan," he told AFP a spokesman of the ministry, confirming media reports.

    "He is fine and has received psychological support," he said, adding that "foreign partners" contributed to his release.

    Two aid workers, a German and an Italian, were kidnapped in January 2012 in central Pakistan.

    They worked for a German NGO specialized in the fight against hunger.

    The German newspaper "Bild" said in its Saturday edition that Bernd M. had been released by a special squad of German soldiers.

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