French Group Alstom to build €1.2 billion HSR in Iraq

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    Alstom to build €1.2 billion High Speed Rail from Basra to Baghdad
    June 24 2011

    Sumerian news/Baghdad

    The French Minister of State for transport Thierry Mariani, Friday, Alstom signed with the Iraqi rail company protocol agreement to build a fast train between Baghdad and Basra, the Group asserted that the grid lines will be along the 650 km between Baghdad and Basra and it would be the maximum train speed of 250 km/h.

    Mariani said in a speech to journalists on the sidelines of the exhibition of French aviation industries in Le Bourget (North of Paris) today, "Alstom signed with the Iraqi rail company protocol agreement to build a fast train between the cities of Baghdad and Basra.

    "The two sides will hold discussions exclusively for 12 months on the project", pointing out that "will visit Iraq in late September or early October.

    For his part, a spokesman for Alstom, one of the most prominent French companies in the area of train "goal of the Protocol is signed comprehensive contract for the construction of the line and trains and spares, traffic signals and maintenance", indicating the absence of a timetable or project-specific financial details.

    The spokesman explained that the "Protocol for the construction of fast train line along the 650 km between Baghdad and Basra, Karbala and Najaf cities network, Mussaib and Samawah", pointing out that "the maximum train speed will reach 250 kilometers per hour."

    He was Chairman of the Committee on strategic planning in the Baghdad Governorate Council, Mohammed Al-Rubaie, said in an interview for "Sumerian news, late last month signed a preliminary agreement with the Council and French company to create suspense train network in Baghdad, stating that the legislature would be financed by the French bank loan, paid by the Iraqi Government, while noting that the train will pass through 14 stations and reduce traffic momentum, adding that the maximum duration of the project implementation is five years at a cost of € 1 billion and 167,000."

    The General company for railway train Iraqi Division, commenter submitted earlier to the investment of capital investment opportunity to create suspense train Baghdad (Baghdad Monorail), select the first track by the company, which includes people, Rajasthan, Waziriyah, sarafiya, attafiyah quarter, Kadhimiya, Muthanna airport, Allawi.
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    Chinese didn't competed in this tender or what? They could have given run for the money on the costings

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