Food Security within India (and Sustainable Development)

Discussion in 'Internal Security' started by ant80, Feb 16, 2012.

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    I saw the following article on the BBC website. This is about food security in India, and also the entire world. I couldn't find a forum more apt, but this is important.
    Also I know about a sustainable development initiative by Vedanta called Creating Happiness - Home, which is a grassroots organization that specializes in rural development and intiatives. They have excellent movies about how lives are being changed in each villages, that have been produced for a competition. I know about this because of cute little commercials that I've seen on the TV. I am sure there are more that people know about. Please post it as you feel is appropriate.

    I am hoping this will become a thread for sustainable development initiatives with respect to food security.

    This is important for development and for bridging the poor-rich divide within the country.

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