Femme fatale: Women used as baits to trap Maoists

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    RANCHI: The police have found a clever way to trap Maoists. They simply use their women as baits. This strategy has paid off handsomely as many dreaded Maoists who gave the slip to security forces have been caught this way.

    The latest to fall into this trap is senior Maoist leader and secretary of the North Latehar sub zone, Yogendra Ganjhu alias Pawan Ganjhu alias Ashimanand. He was visiting his girlfriend in posh Bariyatu here on Monday when the police with intelligence officials arrested both of them. Ganjhu had given many a slip to the CRPF, CoBRA and Jharkhand police in Latehar jungles earlier. He carried a reward of Rs 2 lakh on his head.

    Ranchi SSP Saket Kumar Singh said the police had been keeping a watch on the movements of his girlfriend for the past few months. "We got information that Ganjhu was coming to meet her and accordingly laid a trap," said Sanjay Kumar, officer-in-charge of Kanke police station, who had led the team which conducted the raids. Arms and ammunition were recovered from them, along with packets of condoms.

    Senior IPS officers who have been tracking the movement of the rebels for years say this method has worked. "Almost every other rebel has been caught by zeroing in on their girlfriends," said an officer.

    Singh alleged that rebels did not champion the cause of the downtrodden as pamphlets and Naxalite literature seized from them claim. "They just want to collect extortion money and live a luxurious and comfortable life," he claimed.

    Ranchi rural SP A V Minz, who had caught several rebels during his stint as Lohardaga SP a few years back, said that the police had observed that rebels were always desperate to visit their girlfriends or wives. "They will avoid party meetings, organizing training camps or meeting senior leaders. But no rebel avoids visiting women," said a DSP on condition of anonymity.

    Three People's Liberation Front of India rebels also landed in the net last month when the police zeroed in on the girlfriend of one of them and caught her in Ranchi.

    Others caught this way included CPI Maoist area commander of Gautam Dhara Area Committee, Maheshji, who was arrested in October last year while visiting a market in rural Ranchi with his girlfriend. In 2011, a sub-zonal commander, Pooran Ganjhu, was arrested from Lohardaga because of his girlfriend. So was Navin Manjhi, commander of North Chhotanagpur Zonal Committee, who was arrested from Hazaribagh in 2012. Another rebel, Basudevji, and his girlfriend, Bashanti alias Kistomni alias Paddo, were arrested when they came out of a cinema hall in rural Ranchi in 2010.

    Matters of the heart can indeed land one in trouble.

    Femme fatale: Women used as baits to trap Maoists - The Times of India
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    Very old trick
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    Boys will be boys, and will love to flaunt their toys!

    Good job by the authorities.
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    That's beyond sad.

    "They just want to collect extortion money and live a luxurious and comfortable life,"

    It causes me grief that they use otherwise good causes such as Naxal (well ok not them) but Khalsa or something else to do it.

    edit - I mean the fact is, any 'gang' will respect power and if you show you have balls and skill in the art of warfare they will let you loot and do w.e

    If you want to be a criminal do it 100% this half-a** stuff is just embarassing us all. Either have the stones to do something, don't drop flyers and all this other pansy stuff. Say yea, I'm a gangster you have a problem? And after that w.e happens, happens.

    That is war, and the way of the world.

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