Exclusive commando unit takes charge of Parliament security

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    Exclusive commando unit takes charge of Parliament security


    An exclusive specially trained paramilitary unit armed with the latest gadgets and weaponry has now been deployed for security of India’s Parliament house complex.

    The team, drawn from the best trained men and women of the CRPF, a paramilitary force has been named the Parliament Duty Group (PDG). The creation of the PDG was mooted in the aftermath of the 2001 Parliament terror attack.

    The Parliament House till now was guarded by troops drawn from various units of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Delhi Police.

    The new squad, 1,540 personnel-strong, will comprise those who have not only successfully completed commando and tactics training, but are also adept in dealing with nuclear and bio-chemical emergencies.

    “The squad is operational and has been deployed. These personnel have been trained according to specific requirements of this important task which needs them to be highly motivated and skillful to deal with an security challenge,” told CRPF Inspector General (Northern Range) A P Maheshwari.

    The IG will be the administrative controller of the squad.

    The Union Home Ministry had approved the creation of the special unit in April last year to guard the complex which comprises the main Parliament House, reception office building, Sansadiya Gyanpeeth (Parliament library building) and Parliament House Annexe.

    The commando-trained CRPF personnel have been armed with the latest gadgets and weaponry and they will soon be given special emblems to don them on their uniforms.

    The unit will function under the operational command of the Additional Secretary (Security) of Parliament House with the overall in-charge being the Director General of CRPF.

    Read more at: Exclusive commando unit takes charge of Parliament security : North, News - India Today


    Why do they have their pistols in cross draw holsters? Right handed people should have pistols on the right hip for quick draw and spare magazines on the front or left hip.
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    They look more like shaadiwala bandmaster than a commando force
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