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    While it’s hard for a new browser to make an international impact, one can argue that there are still untapped opportunities on a regional level. For example, Maxthon is hugely popular in China, yet it remains largely unknown internationally. Bangalore based startup Hidden Reflex certainly believes that it can gain sufficient traction by offering a distinctive Indian flavor.

    Epic, which is based on Mozilla Firefox, cleverly taps into several already available services to serve content tailored for Indian users. Among other things, it uses Google Indic Transliteration tool to enable typing in Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali and Tamil. The custom sidebar also offers one-click access to regional and national news including live video streams (served by NDTV), cricket match scores, share market updates and music charts. Epic also provides box file backup (through Gmail), mail (Yahoo and Gmail) and social networking (Facebook, Twitter and Orkut) apps. Additional security is provided through ESET NOD32 and WOT. If you want more you can always install more apps from Epic’s online gallery, which currently houses more than 1,500 applications. Additionally, since Epic is based on Firefox, it also supports standard Firefox extensions.

    Epic impressed me with its features
    worlds first anti virus browser :eset
    write :works like ms word
    skins :worth mentioning all the indian skins repersenting culture,religions,scientists..and lots more
    video:can view video in siderbar itself while browsing in main window
    can we acess driver directly from browser it self
    and lots more
    worth trying...

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    Hey I really impress! India has to launch new browser? Great , I just know Keith has to made this browser he is a editor-in-chief and owner of Techie Buzz, I really Appreciate for that, Very nice work.
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    Bihar, BanGalore , India
    I would suggest users to be careful and donot to financial transactions using this browser . I got warnings from Norton while trying to install it and it was a apyware warning. I suspect its security is not very good and sometimes internet browsing will be very slow. you close this browser and open other one speed will be back to normal. Be careful guys.
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    At present , I am using it, and found very impressive, but I have not installed its Anti Virus, as my Avast Anti virus's Free edition is providing its best, however , I think same like you , themes, add ons are good as well as Language support , but one should remain careful.


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