Dutch Labour Party withdraws support for F-35

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    Labour drops support for Joint Strike Fighter jet

    Thursday 20 May 2010

    The Labour party (PvdA) has dropped its support for the Joint Strike Fighter jet project and will not support Dutch involvement in the test phase of the project, MP Angelien Eijsink said during a parliamentary debate on the JSF on Thursday.

    Labour supported the purchase of one test jet while part of the coalition last year but says delays, uncertainty over the price and the noise factor make it irresponsible to continue, news agency ANP reports.

    Dropping out of the trials will still cost the taxpayer €20m, defence minister Eimert van Middelkoop said, adding that this figure could alter.


    Last year's cabinet disagreement over the JSF led to the decision to buy one test plane and take a decision on a second after the next election.

    Labour's support is crucial to the project - without it there is no parliamentary majority in favour.

    The JSF is supposed to replace the aging fleet of F16s.

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