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    Goa in the 21st century.......

    '' Kiristav , khata hai pav , karta hai myav '' , said noted marathi author-cum-politician Acharya Atre about Goa's christian community in the mid-twentieth century when Goa was still ruled by the Portuguese .

    Well , in the twenty-first century the christain community in Goa is hooked onto something more than just pav--drugs......

    Director Rohan Sippy brings back into limelight the scourge that Dev Anand had filmed about so famously in the 70s--paying his tribute by titling the movie by its most well-known song .

    In place of the Portuguese are the neocolonialists--Russians , Israelis , French and Nigerians , who have neatly divided Goa into sectors where this most westernised part of India has become a haven for drugs , sex and dhokha--in reverse order.....

    And behind all this ,in every drug deal , is the mysterious hand of someone called Michael Barbosa--an entity so enigmatic that hardly any one has seen him , and no one knows his true identity......

    And tasked to identify and bring him to justice is ACP Vishnu Kamat ( played by Abhishek Bachchan ) whose passion for the task comes from the death of his family due to drugs , and the blessings for whose task comes from a politician with one foot in the grave--thus both are people who have nothing to lose......

    .....which is fitting.......

    ........For those who have something to lose keep clear of drugs , and above all from Michael Barbosa's long reach--as a young christain boy ( played by Prateik Babbar ) learns the hard way when he plays with both......

    Yeah ,the battle against drugs is a long , hard one , with no satisfaction or security of life for those who fight against it--as one discovers when person after person who tries to bring the drug kingpins to justice is packed off to heaven ( presumably , for fighting against such a threat to society )........

    For ACP Vishnu Kamat , grim satisfaction lies in the fact that after he dies , he will remain in Goa--for he thinks that there is no other heaven in this universe than Goa itself......

    The movie chillingly brings out how difficult it is to bring an end to the scourge of drugs , and how hopeless is the fight , for the whole system is infected with the agents of the people who sell drugs .

    The songs are good ,the dialogues pack a punch , and the movie gets better as it progresses .

    Verdict--decent enough.....
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