Dividing Kashmir into Smaller States

Discussion in 'Internal Security' started by Sankar Kanasan, Jun 9, 2014.

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    Hi I am new to the Forum. I used to be in Bharat Rakshak Forums many years back. I was not born in India but i do have a strong interest in the land of my ancestors.

    I was reading about the history and geographic of the state of Jammu & Kashmir and i learned that the State has 3 divisions.

    Jammu Division = Hindu majority of 60 % to 65 % and Muslims are around 30 %.

    Ladakh Division = 50 % Buddhist, 46 % Shia Muslims others 3 %

    Kashmir Valley = 95 % Muslim, 4 % to 5 % Hindu.

    Looking at the Demographic stats and the fact that almost all political violence originates from the Kashmir Valley, why can't India make Ladakh and Jammu their own states and let the people of Kashmir Valley decide their fate.

    Let them choose Independence or join up with Pakistan.

    If you look at the map of Jammu & Kashmir. Kashmir Valley is actually a small part of the State.

    File:Kashmir border.JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It is just an idea. What do you guys think ?

    Sorry about the title of the thread.
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    India is Democratic Country means people can live as their wish Govt duty is Just Maintain LAW&ORDER

    The Big Question is who maintains L&O

    If u divide (or through out) valley from J&K it will become another FATA for India............ Pak Army not allowed in some areas if they try they butchered PA many times,means total lawlessness.How India controlling valley(70lakh)............ through Bureaucrats&police force (Majority from Jammu&ladakh,we learnt from British Raj) these forces safe guard India's interests

    If valley become separate state 100% Bureaucrats,police and Politicians are SUNNI muslims :frusty: =FATA
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    Jammuites favour this exact solution except that Ladakh should be made a UT rather than its own state. Jammu should be merged with Chamba and Kangra regions of Himachal as these regions have a lot of Dogri speakers and are majority hindu. Pathankot can also be merged with Jammu to form a large state that acts as a buffer against muslim majority valley to the north.
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    Welcome to the eleventy bajillionth thread on this topic. Just what we needed.

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