Defence Giant Altran To Expand India Operations

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    This is what happens when your domestic industry is down in the dumps


    Defense giant Altran plans to significantly expand its India operations and tap into the domestic market. The company made the announcement today stating that the expansion will support its global clients as well as maintain a strong domain leadership across several verticals from South Asia.

    Altran is targeting India’s key sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Railways and Energy. And, the firm is looking at both organic and inorganic routes to scale up operations to reach a workforce of 2,000 high technology experts over the next two years in India. A few companies operating in niche sectors are among the targeted acquisitions.

    “At present, we are conducting discussions with several key players and we expect to announce these acquisitions as soon as we complete the due diligence process. We believe that these acquisitions will strengthen our existing capabilities in order to enhance our offerings,” said Michel Bailly, Chief Technical Officer of the Altran group.

    Altran’s main global accounts are already engaged within India and include Airbus, Alstom Transportation, Renault, etc. With Offset Clause requirements as mandated by the Indian government in Defense deals now being firmly embedded in domestic defense procurement contracts, Altran sees a substantial opportunity in the Defense and Aerospace sectors in the years ahead given its expertise in helping develop cutting edge technology in Aerospace engineering.

    “In India, Aerospace engineering is growing. Going forward, there will be greater emphasis on technology-driven ventures as the Offset Clause gains momentum. We already have the capabilities to convert such deals into a win-win situation. We are working with some of the top European Aerospace companies in India. Our objective is to ensure that we serve both Indian as well as international partners from this geography,” said Sanjay Kumar, CEO of Altran India.

    Altran To Expand India Operations, Targets Key Sectors : Defense news
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