DCNS SMX Océan Attack Submarine

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    DCNS SMX[SUP]®[/SUP]-Océan

    At Euronaval 2014, DCNS is unveiling the SMX®-Océan conventionally powered attack submarine. The new vessel draws extensively on the design of a state-of-the-art nuclear- powered submarine, with a number of key innovations that give this diesel-electric adaptation truly outstanding performance.

    A world leader in naval defence and an innovator in energy, the DCNS Group and its 13,600 employees are committed to applying their advanced know-how to help keep the oceans safe and secure. The Group’s internationally acclaimed expertise is perfectly illustrated by the SMX®-Océan project.

    Exceptional performance

    This innovative concept ship promises submerged endurance and deployment capabilities that are unprecedented for a conventional-propulsion submarine. With up to three months’ endurance, an SMX®-Océan could cross the Atlantic six times without surfacing. Its transit speed is up to 14 knots.

    To achieve this level of performance, DCNS teams have developed and combined a number of innovations including a high-performance air-independent propulsion (AIP) system using second-generation fuel cells for submerged endurance of up to three weeks.

    The SMX®-Océan features the same combat system, provisions for special forces’ missions, masts and general layout as the Barracuda SSN.

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    If AIP was actually capable of such things, it wouldn't make much sense for France to buy only Barracudas.

    Worth noting that the Japanese are reverting to batteries (albeit the Li-ion type) on their next batch of SSKs.

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