Cops Beaten For Stopping Underage Driver In Delhi

Discussion in 'Internal Security' started by anoop_mig25, Jul 13, 2015.

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    As you can see video is about preventing a gov official from doing its duty...

    Worrying point is after seeing this video one would view that one can easily beats gov official on duty and nothing would happen and people lossing fear of gov offficials specially police.Thus state loosing power to demonstrate that it can maintain law and order in state

    Is it because the video is from state where state gov ministers , mla , and its supporters continously thrash police just because they donot have control over police.Its because its CM continue to meet people who trash police in public and give honesty certificate without verifying who is real curlprit

    And last but not least i donot wanted to bring this religious angel but atleast from one frame in video it looks like
    culprit and its kni belong to muslim community and they are beating cops(although i can be wrong and may be they where trying to save cops)

    so now this video can be used from both side.It can be used by terrorist from across the border to predict that hindus are cowards and get easily beaten.While other side can used to imply that muslims donot follow law of land and are always on wrong side of law and thus ready to pick up fight ..

    off topic how to post links in dfi new avatar???
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    Had it been the other way would have seen AAP leaders Sanjay Singh and other idiots shouting and ranting against the Police and fascism.

    None of these so called leaders have come out to condemn the incident and demand action-- we all know it is all about vote bank politics. Shame on us.
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    Well, this may not be the first time we would see traffic policemen/constables be handled like that,they are dragged by speeding cars,carried away on truck bonnet till they fall off,they are a highly demotivated lot with rigorous working conditions with no safety measures and high vulnerabilty to any mishap.Their department,their colleagues hesitate to stand for each other because of the lack of concern of senior officers and their other priorities.We can't expect our policemen to be a punching bag just for the sake of maintaining the image of public servants and their credo.The department must say it clear and loud that these incidents won't be tolerated and the accused would be given harsh punishments no matter what.These traffic policemen have no job security as they don't know what will happen next after they stop a vehicle,we all know what happened after the brick incident,that women got away with non compliance and throwing a brick at a govt employee and that policeman got sacked when he retaliated,so he should have thrown flowers at her? and was called black sheep by his own commisioner muktesh chander,they are totally clueless how to deal with women as they r bounded by these feminist laws and got no backing,the result is that they stay away from them.
    A bit off topic but i will tell my personal experience also about how men are so much targeted by such biased laws and system,i visited my cousin last month in meerut,we were travelling in the bus where almost all seats were occupied,then a girl boarded the bus(age 20-22), went towards a seat,asked the guy to stand up as she wanted to sit there,he said no politely,what happened next was she removed her sandal and started hitting the guy,i was shocked and i shouted to stop her but my brother pulled me back,i thought that guy would hit her back or say something but to my surprise he just boarded off the bus and then that girl started roaming in the bus with sandal in her hand saying-'tum mardo ke bass ka kuch nahi hai,apni biwi ki hi ***** ***** ho'...i wanted to reply but my brother won't let me speak and kept saying 'bhai yahan roz ka kissa hai',that's nothing new and you can't get away after messing with such women..if a stranger like me was hurt for that guy,i can't even imagine what those guys or such policemen who got no support behind them go through,if this is what you call women empowerment,then the time is not far when laws will be stepped over and 'gunda raj' in its real sense will prevail.
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    whr invaders hv been eulogised, heroes binned!!
    apparently the traffic police deptt. is considered a lowly one, and transfers there as punishment; even in other countries.

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