Civilians recruitment scam in NDA

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    yet another embarrassing corruption scandal :facepalm:

    Mumbai: A serving Colonel was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation in Mumbai on Saturday after allegations of certain irregularities in the recruitment process for the post of Lower Division Clerks (LDC) and Group C employees in the National Defence Academy (NDA), Pune.

    However, the NDA officials say that they were still awaiting details from the CBI.

    Apart from Colonel Kulbir Singh, Staff Officer to the NDA Commandant, five other persons have also been named in the complaint regarding the recruitment which took place during the months of May and June 2012.

    All three have been sent to CBI custody till July 2.

    Colonel Singh has been charged under 120B, 420, 468 and 471 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Section 13(1)(d) of Prevention of Corruption Act.

    Reports say that the officer allegedly took Rs. 3-4 lakh from each person for a guaranteed appointment. He has also been accused of committing fraud in the examinations conducted for these posts.

    According to the CBI, its officials conducted raids at 14 places in Pune and one each in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Sonepat and recovered Rs. 1.71 crore and some incriminating documents.

    Army Colonel arrested by CBI in NDA recruitment scam
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    Agian a very misleading and wrong Headline:

    The Colonel has been arrested in Civilians recruitment scam in NDA rather than "NDA Recruitemnt Scam" !!

    See the diffrence? NDA recuitmrnt is through UPSC and SSB etc. The aim of the Headline is to dishonour NDA recuitment rather than cry out that scam has occured in LDC and civilian staff recuitment in NDA.

    Having observed reporting on Defense for some years I am of the view that either our reporters are idiots of highest order or are deliberate crooks. The later seems to be the case in majority of reporting.
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    The recruitment was for 40 subordinate staff, like cook, gardener, library and laboratory attendants, cadet orderly and lower division clerks.

    NDA, as I understand, is a semi autonomous body and can recruit civilian staff.

    Whenever any recruitment is done, it is through a Board of Officers and then there is a Physical Fitness Test and a Medical Test.

    The recruitment process is under the Colonel (maybe with upgradation it is a Brigadier) Administration.

    However, the Presiding Officer is a Colonel and officers are nominated to be Members of the Board.

    The Staff Officer to the Commandant would not be involved in the process, unless he was the Presiding Officer of the Board.

    Even then that would be surprising if he was nominated as the Presiding Officer, since no Staff of the Commandant or the Deputy Commandant is nominated because they are usually occupied with organising the schedule of these senior officers and have no time to be nominated on Boards of Officer or for Courts of Inquiry and other administrative tasks (which are in addition to normal duties) since these activities take up a lot of time.

    This murky affair does make one uncomfortable that there is more to it than what meets the eye!

    I despair that the standards of morality has indeed sunk so low and there is so much of greed all around.

    It is an ill wind that is blowing!
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    CBI working hard to hide big scams by these kind of things.Let them concentrate on lakhs of crores scam before it become crores of crores.They are more threat than global warming and it is irreversible.First change cbi to congress bureau of investigation

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