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    Translation: After the Party Central Committee meeting, Wang Qishan (head of China's Party Disciplinary Committee) suddenly speaks: "After today's meeting, there are two people who need to remain here." Then he picks up a cup of water and drinks from it, while looking down at a list in his hand.

    The roomful of black suits is silent. Half a minute passes. An aroma of piss wafts through the air - stronger and stronger.

    Wang speaks up again. "One of these two is from a state-owned enterprise; the other is in the Government." Then he stops again.

    Slowly, the room fills with the smell of shit.

    Finally, Wang speaks, one word at a time: "One of these two people is Xu Jianyi from China First Automotive Works Group, and the other is Jiu He from Yunnan's provincial government. You two please remain - everyone else may leave."

    Everyone leaves. The floor of the meeting hall looks like it has been soaked by a light rain, with brown splotches of filth here and there. Wang speaks to the serving staff: "Comrades, I have a favor to ask of you - please match the shit and piss stains on the floor with the seating arrangements of the various Party members here today."

    One returns after a few minutes: "Secretary Wang, one has pissed quite a bit, and also shat himself, his piss has grease in it. After checking, it looks like Liao Yongyuan of PetroChina."

    Wang gives a dismissive wave: "Inspect."

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