Chinese DF-26 MRBM can hit Australia from a South China Sea island

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    Business Insider has an excellent chart on Chinese missiles and their ranges. However, Business Insider overlooked the possibility of stationing mobile Chinese missile launchers on the reclaimed Chinese South China Sea islands (which total over 3,000 acres).

    We know China has stationed 32 HQ-9 mobile-TEL SAMs on Fiery Cross Reef. It would be a simple matter for China to transport DF-26 MRBM mobile-TEL SAMs onto one of its South China Sea islands.

    According to Business Insider, a Chinese DF-26 MRBM (with a range of 2,500 miles) cannot quite reach Darwin, Australia from the Chinese mainland.

    However, if the DF-26 MRBM is launched from a mobile TEL in the South China Sea then it should be able to strike most of Australia.


    China's ballistic missile capabilities chart - Business Insider



    When you look at the Nine-Dash-Line map of the South China Sea from The Washington Post, it is obvious that the reclaimed South China Sea islands are about 1,000 miles south of China. This means Australia is well within the range of the Chinese DF-26 MRBM if it's located on one of the islands.

    Chinese ballistic missiles dubbed ‘Guam Killer’ pose increasing threat to U.S. island, report says - The Washington Post


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