China’s Media Mocks Obama Over Midterm Elections

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    Chinese state media claims that Obama is full of “empty rhetoric” and “U.S. society has grown tired of his banality.”
    By Zachary Keck
    November 05, 2014

    In the context of the midterm elections in the United States, Chinese state media mocked President Barack Obama for being an ineffective and now lame-duck leader, as well as the American political system more generally.

    An editorial that was published on the Global Times website on Wednesday local time said that “U.S. public opinion has downgraded Obama” and that the midterm elections will further cripple the lame-duck president :taunt: by giving the Republican Party control over both houses of Congress.

    Much of the editorial took a mocking and disparaging tone towards the U.S. president. For example, the editorial argued that “Obama’s best performance is empty rhetoric.”

    “Obama always utters ‘Yes, we can’ which led to the high expectations people had for him,” the Global Times editorial board said. “But he has done an insipid job, offering nearly nothing to his supporters. U.S. society has grown tired of his banality.”

    The editorial also took aim at Obama’s foreign policy record. Echoing frequent Republican criticisms of the U.S. president, the Global Times wrote that while Obama has boasted that he brought U.S. troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, “he left no peace” in either of those countries. Similarly, it noted that although Osama bin Laden had been killed “during his tenure” [seemingly downplaying Obama’s role in bringing about that outcome], the Islamic State had emerged in the Middle East on his watch. On the other hand, the Ukraine crisis has “almost” brought Europe back to the Cold War, the Global Times opined, and the administration’s pivot to Asia has created mistrust between the U.S. and China as well as across Asia more generally.

    At the same time, part of the editorial struck a more sympathetic tone towards Obama by blaming his lackluster performance on larger failings in the American political system and society at large. To begin with, GT pointed out that Obama is the first African American president and as a result he can only get “limited tolerance and acceptance.”

    Also in Obama’s defense, GT noted that “partisan politics” in the United States has become more extreme in recent years. “Cohesion in American society is diminishing,” the GT editorial proclaimed.

    Nonetheless, GT concluded that excessive partisanship is an inherent flaw in Western democracies. “That party interests are placed higher than the interests of the country and its people is an inherent shortcoming of Western political systems,” the editorial board argued, with no hint of irony despite the Communist Party’s record in China.

    The GT editorial board noted that there is a debate in America about whether the country’s current woes are a reflection of the current president’s ineffectiveness or larger structural problems, as scholars like Francis Fukuyama have argued. Ultimately it deemed this question largely irrelevant, arguing that the “country is too lazy to reform” and that there will be “no great American president in this era” who might turn things around.

    President Obama will be visiting Beijing for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit meeting next week.

    China’s Media Mocks Obama Over Midterm Elections | The Diplomat

    :lol: China switching sides, and trying to please the next round of Govt on popular predict of Change of guard in America.:rofl:
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    That's not even bad. Compare to US news media one could said it is pro Obama. Chinese politicians won't last one day in US politics. It is common knowledge the last 3 years or so of the second term the President of the USA is a lame duck. Pretty much useless because Americans ----ing tried of the same President.

    In the case of Obama he basically destroyed his party. Giving free heatlhcare is his major mistake. Americans hate that shit. His second mistake is making Americans look weak. He also try to divide Americans and Americans called him on it.

    The next US President will probably a Republican so China and Russia won't get a free ride like they did with Obama. They better be prepare for a massive US military build up and more aggressive US policy.

    For those that want to see how Americans work and think try going to the Drudge Report. It is top 5 news site American go to everyday.

    Here is sample:
    CHARLES HURT: America faces most dangerous two years in 150 years - Washington Times

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