China ranked the 3rd globally in PCT international patent application

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    he data recently released by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) show that China has leapt to the third place in the world in PCT international patent applications last year. In 2013, China submitted 21,516 international patent applications through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) , for the first time exceeding 20,000, with a year-on-year increase of 15.6%. Experts said, PCT international patent application has become a ruler to test China's capability of independent innovation. In recent years, China's PCT international patent applications continue to increase rapidly, reflecting that Chinese enterprises have improved quality of internationalized operation and market competitiveness.

    The data also show that in 2013, international patent applications worldwide through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) are 205,000, an increase of 5.1%, which is a record high. United States (57,239), Japan (43,918), Chinese (21,516), Germany (17,927) and South Korea (12,386) are the top five respectively. China ranks the third, which for the first time surpasses Germany; accounting for 10.5% of the global total, with an increase of nearly 1 percent against 2012. In the corporate patent applications, ZTE Corporation relegated Panasonic (2,881) with 2,309 published PCT international patent applications, ranking second in the world; Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. ranked the third with 2,094, one rank higher compared to last year.

    Patent filings under the Patent Cooperation Treaty in 2013
    Trademark filings under the Madrid System in 2013

    After China, India (1,392) is the largest user of the PCT system among low- and middle-income countries, followed by Turkey (835), Brazil (661), South Africa (350), Malaysia (310) and Mexico (233). Among those countries, Turkey (+56.1%) saw the fastest growth in filings, followed by Mexico (+22%) and Brazil (+12.2%). Annex 2 reports data for all countries.
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