China, Pakistan Top Violators of Indian Air Space Since 2007

Discussion in 'China' started by Parthy, Dec 6, 2010.

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    Indian air space has been violated 29 times by foreign aircraft during the period from December 2007 to November, 2010. These include 23 occasions by Pakistan, 1 by Bangladesh, 3 by China and 2 by USA.

    Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are in place for safeguarding Indian airspace, including by deployment of IAF aircraft. The matter is also taken up with the concerned country through diplomatic channels as per established procedure.

    This information was given by Defence Minister Shri AK Antony in a written reply to Shri S. Pakkirappa in Lok Sabha today.
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    The aircrafts are Cargo planes or Passenger planes..
    Not Fighter planes..
    So not a Big thing..
    Sometimes they have been caught...
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    ^^ PLA Mi-17s are not exactly cargo planes. Nor are PAF F-7s. Whether transport or fighter, a military plane entering our airspace is a threat no matter what and has to be dealt with standard issue protocols. The US-contracted cargo plane that chose Diego Garcia-India-Pakistan-Afghanistan route thought that it is a smart aleck when it had the CIV transponder code till it was in Indian airspace but changed to MIL as soon as it touched the Rann of Kachh area airspace. Fortunately before they could move to Pakistan, IAF radars caught them and asked them to land in Mumbai. Military planes of any nature have a special protocol and set of procedures for crossing a neutral or allied country's airspace; they cannot use the CIV code and also have to take prior permission of a special kind from the country they intend to overfly.

    US is not holier than thou that it shall be given any special exemption and that is what it got when MiG-29s escorted the cargos to Mumbai and asked for a clearance. The PLA Mi-17s were totally unforgivable and it is all because we have a toothless and spineless government that they got away. About Pakistan.. since when has it listened to our "please"? The rest, I leave to you imagination.
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    I think IAF should repeat Atlantique Incident. That will teach our neighbors to stay at the bay

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