China issues visas to Arunachal karate team

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    China issues visas to Arunachal karate team - The Times of India

    ITANAGAR: The Chinese Embassy in New Delhi, after a marathon discussion with the Indian authorities, has agreed to issue visas to Arunchalee karatekas, who are scheduled to represent India in the 11th Asian Karate-do Championship (Junior and Cadet) to be held at Quanghou City in Fujjian province of China from July 20 to 25 next.

    A five-member team from the state with three karatekas has left for New Delhi on Sunday to join the 35-member Indian contingent for the global event with Arunachal Karate-do Association general secretary Langkung Marik as Indian team coach and Techi as official member, a statement said.

    The karatekas from the state include Likha Lej (52 kg cadet boys), Tage Saa (65 junior boys) and Rei Yadi (53 kg junior girls), the statement added.

    Earlier, China had issued stapled visas to two Arunachal sportspersons which prevented them from flying to the Communist country as Indian authorities at New Delhi's IGI airport had to turn them away.

    Indian Weightlifting Federation's joint secretary Abraham K Techi, along with a weightlifter from Arunachal, was shocked when the incident took place.

    Techi and the weightlifter, who were to visit the country at the invitation of Chinese Weightlifting Association president Menguang for the January 15-17 China Weightlifting Grand Prix at Fujian province, thereafter contacted the Chinese Embassy.

    Congress Lok Sabha member Takam Sanjoy had said though Sino-India relations have been improving with New Delhi and Beijing taking positive steps, still there are issues which hinder the relationship between the two nations like the border issue, China's repeated claims over Arunachal Pradesh territory and stapled visas to residents of Jammu and Kashmir.

    Sanjoy had said though Prime Minister Manmohan Singh took very bold steps during Wen's visit in December last year to further strengthen bilateral ties, the Chinese government had proved its policy to consolidate its claim on Arunachal territory.
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    Let those behind the iron curtain come and see so that they'll make a sensible choice someday
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    You want them to come and take away more of the land in Tibet do you?
    The choice has been made. Numerous elections have proven it. Why don't you hold a referendum among indigenous Uighurs and see if they want to be with china or not and for that matter even Tibetans?

    Wait a minute just today we saw this report,0,7161964.story
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    La La Land
    Yes, let Chinese see what a real freedom means. Let the people from this side of the border teach them a word or two on democracy, freedom of thought and expression, and civil rights.

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