China: Freedom of Speech and Thought

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    This speech was delivered by a Chinese writer to mostly Chinese and in Hong Kong.

    What is interesting and extraordinary is that the writer was awarded the 2010 People’s Literature Prize, but he was unexpectedly barred from making an acceptance speech. He delivered it instead on Tuesday before the Foreign Correspondents Club in Hong Kong.

    So, why give the prize if he is to be barred and has to go elsewhere to accept it?

    What he says about the fear craze that grips China is what is so well known and posters like China Today claim indirectly that it is not so! I am sure a Chinese writer who has been awarded the 2010 People’s Literature Prize, would know what he is talking about that many of those who obfuscate and hide behind the very issues the writer states in his speech.

    It is not 'Indian logic' (whatever that means, that the Chinese poster alluded to in one of the threads) but sheer, pure and undiluted Chinese logic that the writer uses and being a writer, he would know best what constricts his thought and speech than what he rather interestingly alludes to - parrots!

    I am posting this to only indicate and assist the non Chinese posters as to what is 'Chinese logic' and how repressive the manner in which the freedom of thought, creative thinking is curbed.

    I would only once again reiterate that the writer is no common Chinese, but a writer and more importantly, a recognised writer who has been awarded the 2010 People’s Literature Prize.

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