Celebrating India's First Naval Victory over Europe

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    THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The 273rd anniversary of one of the finest moments in Indian military and political history will be celebrated this Thursday at the coastal hamlet of Colachel in Kanyakumari district. The Indian Army will celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Colachel, which saw Travancore forces defeating the Dutch in a naval battle in 1741, with a colourful function at the Victory Column in Colachel. Organised by the Madras Regiment, the event will be attended by Brigadier Samir Salunke, Station Commander, Pangode Military Station, civil authorities, police officials, retired officers and local officials. The event is held annually to mark the victory of Travancore forces over a vastly superior European Naval Force on July 31, 1741, a landmark event and the first of its kind in Indian history, a defence spokesperson said. A wreath-laying ceremony at the Victory Column will be followed by a military band display by the pipe band of the regiment. The Travancore kingdom had erected the column at what is today a fishing hamlet in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu to mark Marthanda Varma’s victory over the Dutch forces led by Eustachius De Lannoy. After Independence, the Travancore state forces were integrated into the Madras Regiment as the 9th and 16th battalions. 9 Madras is currently stationed at the Pangode Military Station. Celebrating the anniversary of the Battle of Colachel also involves a battle of dates. The victory column carries the date July 31, 1741 based on the Julian calendar, which has fallen into disuse now. Going by the Gregorian calendar, which we use now, the date of the battle will fall in the second week of August. In fact, some local organisations celebrate the anniversary in August every year.
    Celebrating India's First Naval Victory over Europe - The New Indian Express
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    People from my community, commanded the Naval Armada of Travancore. I am related to Chempil Arayan

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