Buyers desert markets amid fears of violence

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    Akhand Bharat
    KARACHI: There was thin buyers’ presence in various city markets as the mega polis struggles to cope with the fear and uncertainty amid current wave of violence in certain areas that claimed many lives.

    Traders said that Thursday proved to be the worst day over months in terms of sales, which remained hardly five per cent of the normal sale level in the city.

    They attributed the steep fall in business to rumours about the strike call on Friday and Saturday by a political party, besides tension and violence in Orangi Town and Qasba Colony.

    Besides, 50 per cent of petrol pumps also remained closed on Thursday for fear of violence leading to rush of motorcycles and cars at petrol and CNG outlets, which were open.:namaste::namaste::confused::confused::becky::becky::becky:

    Buyers desert markets amid fears of violence | Business | DAWN.COM

    A sizable number of workers from Orangi Town and Qasba Colony had been absent from the markets for the last few days due to disruption in public transport owing to violence in these localities.

    One segment that has particularly borne the brunt of the closure of Orangi Town is fancy women wear. The skilled manpower and many workshops of fancy needlework particularly popular in formal and bridal dresses belonged to Orangi Town.

    All Karachi Tajir Itehad chairman Atiq Mir estimated a trade loss of Rs5 billion in the last two days due to sharp drop in sales in the city.

    He said buyers were avoiding risk of visiting markets after reports in the electronic media regarding violence in various areas.

    He said rumours circulating via cell phones have also been restricting buyers to their homes.

    The damage to business has also been inflicted by lean public transport, suspension in sale of CNG and petrol at pumps and loadshedding of eight to 10 hours.

    Prior to Wednesday, he said trading activities had already been hovering between 15-20 per cent due to deteriorating law and order situation.

    He recalled that the middle of June was also pathetic in terms of sales when renewed target killing and tension hit the sales.

    Old City Traders’ Alliance president Mohammad Jamil Paracha said that hardly five per cent sales were recorded in the
    markets from Light House to Tower due to negligible number of buyers amid tense situation in the city.

    He said besides, bridal work a lot of traders are making children garments at Orangi Town but for the last three to four days there was no contact with the workers living there as perhaps they had shifted to safer areas.

    Tariq Road Welfare Traders Association president Himesh Gul said that hardly 10 per cent buyers had arrived at Tariq Road market but many rushed back to their homes after Maghreb prayers.

    He said many traders were seen sitting idol till evening on Thursday, while many closed their shops much earlier than the scheduled time.

    A shopkeeper at Cooperative Market Saddar said the traders were worried whether to purchase cloth from Faisalabad for making shalwar kamiz for Eidul Fitr or wait till the situation returns to normalcy.
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    Pakistan have displeased the gods and they are reigning down one calamity after another on it... the chickens have come home to roost!:rolleyes:
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    These blokes should announce 50% discount on their merchandise. Pukis will flood the place.

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