British MP complains to ‘Hindu Phobic’ BBC coverage

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    British MP complains to ‘Hindu Phobic’ BBC coverage over Indian Election

    With the continuous anti Hindu diatribe lead by the Western media covering the Indian elections has once again brought into the open the Hinduphobia prevalent in the West recycling misinformation and promoting well known Hinduphobes as ‘experts’ on India.. Recently BBCs Newsnight programme well known Hinduphobe William Dalrymple along with a new sidekick Anish Kapoor who went on a anti Modi rant including calling him a mass murderer went to its extremes was brought to the attention of British MP Priti Patel who wrote a strong letter condemning the attacks on Modi to the head of the BBC Lord Tony Hall : Letter produced below WITHAM HOUSE OF COMMONS LONDON SWIA OAA Lord Tony Hall Director-General British Broadcasting Corporation Broadcasting House 2-22 Portland Place Fitzrovia London WlA lAA Our ref: WI7283 19 May 2014 Dear Lord Hall Re: BBC Newsnight, 16 May 2014, coverage and reporting of the Indian General Election. In my capacity as the Prime Minister’s UK Indian Diaspora Champion, and following recent engagement with leaders of Britain’s Indian community, I have received a number of complaints about the coverage about the Indian General Election on BBC Newsnight on 16 May 2014. Many in the British Indian community, particularly those of Gujarati origin,were offended by the reporting about Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi. Instead of focusing on the policies and the vision that the new Government in India is now likely to implement, the programme focused exclusively on Modi and his character.

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    British MP complains to 'Hindu Phobic' BBC coverage over Indian Election | Hindu Human Rights Online News Magazine
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    Coverage by CNN also had a tinge of anti Hindu sentiments calling Modi a Hindu Nationalist (what the hell does that mean, anyway?) I have not seen any of the other western media outlets but I am pretty sure all of them are the same. Can we really blame these Western Media housed when our own people (everyone from the Congress to Arundhati Roy, Anish Kapoor, Nandita Das, Imtiaz Ali and the likes) are busy vilifying Modi even now?
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    I don't really care for the British Bluff and Bluster Corporation.

    All Haw haws!

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