Bifurcation of MHA for better efficiency

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should MHA be bifurcated?

  1. yes

  2. No, present system is good

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    Mar 24, 2012
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    Ministry of Home affairs (MHA) is the single most important ministry. the ministry has jurisdiction over a wide range of issues ranging from internal security to disaster management. since the area of responsibility is so vast it has been noticed that home minister is not able to devote adequate attention to matters of importance like internal security and terrorism. for better understanding of members i would like to bring out several departments under MHA:

    1. Dept of Border Management.
    2. internal security.
    3. Dept of J&K.
    4. Dept of Home affairs.
    5. Dept of Official Language.
    6. Dept of states.

    on top of these there are certain divisions in MHA:

    1. Administration division:- RTI, awards, secretariat security, table of precedence, national symbols etc.
    2. Border management
    3. Centre state division
    4. coordination division:- intra ministry coordination, public griveances, pariamentary matters, etc
    5. Disaster management
    6. Finance division
    7. Foreignor's division
    8. Freedom fighter and rehabilitation
    9. Internal security I and II
    10. J&K division
    11. Judicial Division
    12. Naxal management
    13. North east
    14. Police
    15. police modernisation
    16. policy planning
    17. Union territories division.

    now as one can see with such a vast range of matters, it is humanely impossible for home minister to concentrate on internal security. so it is time now that MHA is divided into two ministeries namely MHA and Ministry for internal security. the MIS shall cover all topics ranging from internal security to terrorism, IB , police and naxal management. MHA shall be responsible for other matters.

    a bifurcation shall be much more beneficial with miniter for internal security solely concentrating on improvng internal security. he can give adequate time to improve police force, improve intelligence gathering, counter terrorism and anti naxal operations.

    wat do u guys think?
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    dept of internal security as well as external must be combine to form sing dept know as dept of security. what Dept of Home affairs does ??
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    Chidambaram would not like this!

    He is more keen in Empire building.

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