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    Vinay Pathak really irritated the hell out of the characters of the first edition of this movie , literally frying their bheja ( brains ) , and in a single day , turned the life of a man upside down--giving some wholesome , clean entertainment.

    This time , he returns as a more lovable and innocent person , who , instead of turning a mans life upside down , finds his own life in danger , and yet , in the end has the heart to forgive the very persons who put his life in peril .

    Of course , even in the midst of danger , he remains unflappable--he continues to sing songs as if he hasn't a care in the world , and tries to hog the footage in every scene by yakking and yakking endlessly--that too ,in shuddh hindi . Indeed , the director gives him maximum milage , as Vinay nearly carries the weight of the whole film effortlessly on his own shoulders , and with ease .

    You get to see some funny moments raising real laughs for about 2/3rd's of the film courtesy Vinay's antics . But while hero Vinay Pathak and villain Kay Kay Menon are stumbling in the jungle of an island where they are both marooned , the movie loses its grip in the last 1/3rd--suddenly the attempts at humour start sounding hyper and way too loud ( literally , as there is a lot of shouting ), as a new character is introduced , who simply doesn't fit the bill.

    As they say about films , people like a film even if its first half isnt too great , if it entertains in the second half . In this film , its the last 1/3rd which takes away the charm from what could have been an entertaining film . But because the last part is not great , the audience may not feel fully satisfied .

    Verdict--okay .
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