Beidou ( compass ) Received Good Feedback from Karachi Test Run

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    In order to promote the process of internationalization of the Beidou system, China launched Beidou satellite navigation system application demonstration and user experience overseas activities. On September 25, the user experience overseas activities first carried out in neighboring Pakistan's largest city Karachi.

    Bilal, Chairman of the Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission in his speech praised the important achievements of the construction and application of the "Beidou satellite navigation system, and hope that through this event to promote the application of the" Compass "system in Pakistan.

    As early as the end of 2011, the Beidou satellite navigation system begins to China and the surrounding areas to provide continuous navigation and positioning and timing services, commissioning services. "The Beidou satellite area navigation system built to China and the Asia-Pacific region to provide 24-hour uninterrupted positioning and navigation services. , "Big Dipper" attractive for foreign users eager to find GPS substitute or alternate products.

    The Pakistan business representatives to participate in the activities of the user experience have hope as soon as possible to China's use of advanced technology to Pakistan. CEO of Kashmir from Lahore, a surveying and mapping engineering company, said their companies currently use U.S. GPS satellite navigation system, as a friend of China, he was glad to see China develop its own satellite navigation system, which he The work is also very helpful.

    China's satellite navigation system management office director Ran Cheng said that since last year, the CMB has been held in Beijing twice the field of satellite navigation cooperation talks, and to determine that the two sides will "Beidou satellite navigation system, civil demonstration and promotion, monitoring facilities, training and personnel training, joint research and development of civilian technologies such as the four areas of cooperation.

    Chinese Consul General in Karachi Zhang Jianxin (Compass) Picks (activities) will promote further strengthen our scientific and technological cooperation between China and Pakistan, so that ordinary people understand China through modern science and technology in China, and perhaps in the future as user can work together to share our scientific and technological achievements. "
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