Battle for supremacy in Hurriyat

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    Ever since Mufti came into power in J&K, it was going to be clear that new regime will be soft on Hurriyat and other separatist leaders. So most of us analysts were not surprised by sudden surge in the actions of Hurriyat. the Hurriyat leaders very well know that the present regime is less likely to take strong and decisive actions. However there is another thing that is driving these actions. it is the internal politics of Hurriyat.

    the hardliner Geelani is not getting any younger and the younger leaders are leaving no stone unturned to position themselves as successor. In the hardliners you only gain prominence by giving provocative speeches and actions. That's why Masrat Alam's action was a master stroke. he is positioning himself as a hardliner and successor to geelani.

    After all you do need the support of Pakistani establishment or you will be sidelined pretty quickly. The other young leaders are baffled at the emerging prominence of Masrat Alam. expect plenty more anti India actions and speeches as the tussle to get prominence in Hurriyat continues. Mind you, the Tussle is only gonna get murkier and so will be the anti india speeches/actions.

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