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    Unlike foolish senior BSP leader Haji Yakoob Qureshi for reportedly announcing a Rs.51 crore reward for the two gunmen who killed 12 people in Paris on Wednesday or that perennial court jester, Mani Shakkar Ayier who always plays to the gallery and who stated the killing was but natural for war in Iraq and Afghanistan, MJ Akbar is a island of sanity in analysing the issues in a most balanced way, in the whole mess that has enveloped the world.

    One has to read MJ Akbar to realise how deeply he had studied history and also of the evolution of Islam and he is a proud Muslim and also a very proud Indian, unlike pseudo like Mani S Aiyer and his ilks, who only mouth affinity to the Muslim people, but do fanny adams to allievate their woes. He makes the grave mistake of doing disservice to the Muslims by opening his mouth like a braying Equus africanus asinus when the situation is charged and the world is on one side. In fact, one could await for saner times for his 'wise' analysis, which in all cases, is flawed and opiniated.

    And on the other hand, MJ Akbar, who is a Muslim with a Bihari father and a Kashmiri mother, approaches the issue of Islam in a most balanced and provoking scholarly manner that attracts all for a better understanding of issues, especially in inflamed times.

    In fact, one should read his book Tinderbox, which is a thought provoking one on Islam and the Creation of Pakistan and why it has failed.

    One should read his blog carefully since it has much to awaken us in sanity.

    His statement below is worth pondering over

    One may like to see the video at this link

    It is a very educated commentary by MJ Akhbarm, who traces the evolution of Islam and how Pakistan came into being and why Pakistan is a Tinderbox
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