Bangladesh: Pakistan attacks Nationalities, Pak Diplomats supporting Terrorists in BD

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    Pakistan government forces attacking many nationalities, says Bangladesh Information Minister

    Bangladesh Information Minister, who is currently in India on a visit, talks exclusively to India Today about Indo-Pak relations, terrorism and more.

    New Delhi, August 17, 2016 | UPDATED 01:23 IST

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    Although Bangladesh has been an independent nation since 1971, they haven't quite got rid of Pakistan. Having earlier pointed fingers at Pakistan for the recent terror attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu, who is currently on an India visit, said that the Pakistan army continues to attack other nationalities and communities.

    Speaking exclusively to Smita Sharma from India Today, the Minister discussed the Kashmir issue, Islamic preacher Zakir Naik and the SAARC summit. Here is the transcript:

    Q:Narendra Modispoke about Balochistan in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Is the situation similar to East Pakistan?

    A:We never called it East Pakistan from 1947. Pakistanis used to say East Pakistan. We used to say Bangladesh or East Bengal.Pakistan does have a very bad track record over the years. Pakistani authorities and army took a very negative position against other nationalities and religious entities. This is what happened in 1971, when Pakistan very brutally tried to suppress the Bangladeshi nationalism struggle. After that, when we are now a part of the SAARC process and regional cooperation, and we have developed diplomatic relations, Pakistan is still not changing their behaviour.

    Q: Is it a similar uprising in Balochistan then?

    A: We have to examine it.Pakistan still has a connection in Bangladesh, and are trying to support many domestic terrorist networks. That is why we recently had to request Pakistani authorities to withdraw their diplomats. These diplomats coming to Bangladesh and working with their terrorists, which is in very bad taste for regional cooperation. Looking at the condition of Balochistan or other situations within Pakistan, Pakistan is already in an unstable position. Every day, there are terrorist attacks. At the same time, the government forces are attacking many nationalities and communities.We are examining the whole thing and after proper information and examination, the Bangladesh government will take a position.

    Q: Do you think Islamabad has a moral ground to be raising the issue of Kashmir on every international platform, talking about human rights violations when images coming from inside Pakistan are gruesome themselves?

    A: The Kashmir issue has been more or less thrashed out at the UN floor and it is now outside the UN floor. The Kashmir issue is a domestic issue between India and Pakistan, and not an international issue. Taking it to the international floor will not be of much help.

    Q: Voices within India question Modi talking about Balochistan. They call it a diversionary tactic to take attention away from the fact that he is not able to stop unrest in Kashmir. Is India right in advocating for Balochistan?

    A: Mr. Modi, the Prime Minister of India, is taking his position. I don't want to comment. But on the SAARC platform, we are not going to discuss the Kashmir issue.

    Q: Bangladesh has banned Zakir Naik. The committee is looking into the matter here. Do you think he should be banned in this region?

    A: Terrorism has a multi-dimensional approach, so it is not by killing one terrorist or arresting two terrorists that the problem will be solved. The Government of India, Bangladesh and the region needs to have a multidimensional approach.Persons who are propagating hate, interpreting Quran and Hadith wrongly need to be taken care of. That is why Bangladesh has taken a bold position about Dr. Zakir Naik, his preaching and teaching and the Peace TV broadcast and network. We are looking towards India that it will take another bold position vis a vis Zakir Naik because we are very close neighbours.

    Q: Is that something you have conveyed to the Indian Information Minister whom you had a meeting with?

    A: That is not a matter of discussion. We have taken a position. India is looking into the matter. Any information that will help us, we will give to the Home Ministry.

    Q: Arun Jaitley will likely not go to Pakistan for the SAARC finance ministers meet. And there were a lot of cold vibes whenRajnath Singhwent. Do you think the SAARC process is in jeopardy because of the India-Pakistan tension? If the situation continues like this, will it be difficult for the Prime Minister or President to go to Pakistan for SAARC summit?

    A: The SAARC process is always, over the years, a slow process because of certain problems between India and Pakistan. This is why the process is not smooth. These are irritations, but we from a Bangladeshi perspective want the SAARC process to continue.

    Q: Is SAARC yielding any results or is sub-regionalism the way forward? And should people stop talking about SAARC since it is hostage to India-Pakistan bilateral relations?

    A: Politically, we want regional cooperation so we will stand by the SAARC process. But since the SAARC process is slow, we are advocating sub-regionalism because India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan will have an effective result if we cooperate at that level.

    Q: If the Prime Minister or President of India decide that since Pakistan is not acting against terror groups and hence they will not go, will India be held responsible for derailing the process or will Pakistan be accountable to the other members?

    A: These are irritations. Not attending a particular SAARC meeting does not destroy SAARC. Pakistan will have to make her position very clear vis-a-vis terrorism.

    Q: If the Prime Minister or President of any member country does not attend, as per protocol, the summit meeting cannot happen...

    A: If the Prime Minister or President does not attend, the particular summit meeting will fail, but the SAARC process will continue.

    Q: Following the Holey Artisan bakery terror attack, lots of groups have been cracked down upon. Two American citizens have also been detained. Is there any particular lead or information that you have shared with Indian counterparts?

    A: When it comes to the question of information vis-a-vis the Gulshan attack or the Solakia attack, the Interior Minister did have a meeting with their Indian counterpart. So they took it up. There is an agreement between India and Bangladesh to share information to tackle terrorism. That matter is tackled there.

    Q: Are you still maintaining that despite the IS claims, the bakery attack was handiwork of local groups, and there is no IS in Bangladesh?

    A:As far as today, Bangladesh does not have any information about the IS organisational network in Bangladesh. We claim these are homegrown domestic terror networks having no organisational link with any other foreign terror group.

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    Our esteemed Terrorist Paki Panel: @Neo @Raja.pakistani @Zarvan @musalman @Zulfiqar Khan
    BD calls you a terrorist so does Iran/Afganistan/US/India and even China. You have been isolated due to your Terrorist policies.

    BD supports India on Balochistan and openely says Paki diplomats are Terrorist agents in BD.

    Any comments? Or run away as usual and post some ISI sponsored silly posts about SU-35/invention etc ?

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