Aslam-0-Alekum DFI !

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    If you really find it great what your ghazis did to our people, do you seriously reckon that we are all foolish enough to talk humbly?

    Go and enjoy jihad with them instead of wasting our time. And start blame others as HR violators or intolerant if they retaliate or your own jihadis backstab you.
    History of this country
    which was divided into small pieces and those petty pieces call it "region" to justify indentity.

    It has identical culture mixed with a few foreign traditions, some of them were too lethal.for integrity.
    Seriously, this region is called Indian Subcontinent for a very good reason.

    Before I'm posted a fascist arguing your upcoming threads and I will end this drama right now.
    Tell me which country do you belong to?

    First and third para are enough to say you aren't Indian at all (otherwise we've language tests to check who you are).
    There are much more relevant countries in world for India than these hollow attention seekers, we will be learning about them, cause they don't really matter that much.

    Out of the box discussion and out of the "region",
    Cuz being lord of flies really doesn't matter!

    Welcome to forum and I already know you are a British Pakistani!:D Only let me know from where, Punjab, KPK or elsewhere?:p

    I hate false flaggers. Who knows, it may ne shameful for you to display your correct country flag. Is your nation that pathetic that you need to pretend as Indian?
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    Umm... guys, you are replying to a banned member.

    Locking thread.
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