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    Sunny Leone....I would go miles to see any movie of hers....
    The fact that she is totally uninhibited in her body exposure gives her the edge over other heroines , and not only she has a delicious body but she is also genuinely goodlooking .

    And like me , others are crazy about Sunny of them being Ram Kapoor , who plays a gujarati patel living in malaysia . He wins a contest to date Sunny , and to him it is like a dream come true....
    To add to his cup of joys , Sunny wants to live with his family in order to get a taste of gujarati life because she is going to play a gujarati in a film .

    But complications arise as Ram has already claimed to be unmarried and living with old parents , though actually he has a wife and a grown up son . So the wife has to be packed off and the son and his girlfriend ( Evelyn Sharma ) have to dress up as his parents .

    The first half is boring and Ram Kapoor hams repeatedly . The second half is better , as some laughs arise when Sunny arrives at his house and the son and his girlfriend try to pose as old parents . Ram's friend Mehul Buch arrives too , and gives some real entertainment posing as a lecherous old man who cannot keep his hands off Sunny and repeatedly keeps on wringing them in front of her trying to reach her .

    Evelyn Sharma looks sexy , in blue bikini showing off her stunning figure . But the star of the show is Sunny , and her charms are on fully display in the movie . She undresses in front of everyone in a scene , and she plays seductress in a flaming red saree that just scorches the senses as she dances in a sexy song made famous already by Dimple Kapadia in the film 'Sagar' . Always wearing hot clothes , she gives you what you came for---real titillation .

    But sadly , there is little else in the movie . The jokes and comedy are good only in certain scenes of Mehul Buch and the son and Evelyn posing as old people , while Ram Kapoor utterly fails to look funny inspite of trying hard---a little too hard perhaps . One wonders why this fatso has such a importance in the television and film industry even though he cannot keep his weight under control .

    Music is okay however . Once again I went on pilgrimage to see the sex goddess Sunny Leone and got my quota of titillation . That quota is gonna last me many nights . Your satisfaction will depend on how much you are a devotee of the sex goddess . If you are not , or are plainly envious of her ( like many women are ) then you can safely give the movie a miss .

    Verdict---Bad .
    one and a half star , extra half star is due to sunny .

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