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    Sunny Leone has come of age---finally !!....I mean , as a star....
    Bodily she had come of age a long time ago ( he he )...and how !!

    But now she gets to showcase all her delicious curves and her alluring charms as a heroine in a film that comes in the decent-to-good category , unlike ' Jism 2 ' and ' Jackpot ' which failed and the better made ' Shootout at wadala ' where she just had an item song .

    And Sunny does what she does best---all the oohs and aahs in bed are done with the mastery of practice , and the wild embraces and the passionate scenes are enacted with the consummate ease of a professional.....

    But Ragini MMS 2 is more than just soft porn---it's a combination of horror and sex and comedy that is nothing more than frivolous but does it's job of delivering entertainment neatly .

    And you get regular doses of all---the ghost gives us the jolts and the chills every now and then , Sunny delivers on the sex part , but the surprise package is the acting of Parvin Dabas , Karan Taluja and Sandhya Mridul ( I hope I have got the names of the actors right ) who keep us in splits with their funny one liners....

    Yeah , Parvin Dabas plays the role of Rocks who decides to make a film on what happened in the film Ragini MMS part 1 by taking Sunny Leone ( playing herself ) as heroine . And he is convinced by the writer of the film ( played by Saahil Prem ) to film it in the same haunted house where the earlier drama happened .

    This Saahil Prem plays the role of hero but it is Parvin Dabas who entertains more....
    ....For Parvin is loud , leery and over the top . He openly makes sexual advances towards Sunny without any encumbrances---and that is exactly what we want . For Sunny Leone is no demure sati savitri is she....
    Above all Parvin's acting is comedy and keeps us laughing .

    Ditto for Karan Taluja and Sandhya Mridul . Karan Taluja is funny as hell , a sex predator without inhibitions , and his one liners are a treat to listen to . Watch the scene where he amorously rushes into a lake wanting to have sex with Sunny ( Leone not Deol ) and saying in Dharmendra's voice ' Sunny , come to papa....'' !

    Sandhya has her eye on Rocks whom she wants to take to the casting couch to further her career and speaks perfect broken english---perfect to make us laugh though it is broken....
    But she gets something even better than to bed the loudmouth Rocks ( Parvin Dabas ).....She gets to kiss Sunny Leone in person---the first female to female kiss in hindi cinema ( hoping to see more in the years to come )....

    In contrast to Karan Taluja and Parvin Dabas who make no bones about their desire to bed Sunny Leone ( Karan even brings out a pack of Manforce condoms made by Mankind company , presumably advertising for them ) , the hero played by Saahil Prem walks with a sadela thobda throughout the film . His acting---I didn't like it . Looks like hypocrite by pretending to not like Sunny at the beginning---must be out of his mind to not like her....

    And as the shooting of the film starts , the ghost slowly starts to make its appearance felt among all these all these people---and it makes it's presence clearly felt by killing them one by one . But the audience was giggling sneering and sniggering at the horror scenes for the film is more funny and sexy than fearsome....

    Music ( these are only three songs ) is good enough though not great .
    The film itself can by no stretch of imagination be called great . Nor is Sunny Leone ever going to crave a niche for herself as a great actress . But both the film and Sunny give us what we want---some entertainment ,some titillation .

    Verdict---Good entertainment .

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