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    Emraan Hashmi is a crook---a gun runner who hangs around with loafers you wouldn't dare to introduce with any respectable woman , and is a man who indulges in foul language in every situation .

    Of course , all the males in this film indulge in the same kind of foul language extending to gaaligaloch , but they dont have to make an impression on a goodlooking woman .

    Which is something that Emraan Hashmi has to do.....

    For would you believe it......This sadakchhap has fallen in love with a luscious lady doctor !!

    And what a lady.....
    Even though she cannot be called exceptionally beautiful , everything about her is sumptuous---right from sumptuous breasts to sumptuous belly to sumptuous bums to back......and she shows them generously in some scenes.....

    But how can a classy lady fall in love with a third rate criminal.....??

    Simple......all the director has to do is to use his magic wand and lo !!!---she falls in love with him......( in Mukesh Bhatt produced films anything happens )

    And oh....I haven't forgotten the mandatory kiss which every heroine has to give Emraan Hashmi the nephew of his highness Mahesh Bhatt of aman ki aasha fame.....

    And lo !! she even delivers a solllllllllliiiiid surprise after she marries him ( ONLY after kissing him ) which catapults Emraan straight form small fry in the gun running racket to a high position in the illegal business......

    But there's a complication---Emraan has already accepted an offer to work for a police inspector ( Randeep Hooda ) and decided to blow the lid off the criminal rackets......all for the love of a woman which has turned him from mawali to respectable gent ( haan ye mohobbat insaan ko kitna sudharatee hai wah wah )

    So how does Emraan handle the job of being both the wrecker-in-chief of the gun-running business and enjoying a high position in it ??

    Go and watch the film for that......

    .....Only if you can tolerate it of course.....for the film becomes worse as it progesses and the ending is maha-shitty....

    Verdict---not good .

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