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    Remember the old cliche ??--time is money.

    Well , hollywood brings the old cliche to life , literally , in this film.

    Its about a world where everyone is programmed to die at 25 , and anyone who wants to live longer than that must earn his time .

    In short time replaces money .

    A room in a luxury hotel costs you 2 months of your life , a ferrari costs even longer , and so on and so forth .

    So who can afford to give two months of his life for just a stay in a hotel ??

    The answer is that the rich do , for they have earnt more time than they could do with....

    For if you are smart enough , or more correctly mean enough , you can earn plenty of time lasting for millions of years--in effect , making you immortal .

    And time can be swapped from one person to other by touching each other's hands in the right position....

    Which means stealing time from a person is easy.....

    And to prevent precisely this kind of theft are the policemen in a new avtar.....they are called timekeepers , literally.....

    And they are here to protect the rich--for the mass of common people have no access to large amounts of time , and have a notorious prelidiction for stealing others time....

    Indeed , to protect the rich from thievery , there are special time zones separating rich people literally having plenty of time on their hands ( i mean literally ) from the poor who have none......the separation is done by heavy barriers......

    The mass of poor people live in different time zones which are nothing but ghettos for the penniless--or rather the timeless.....

    And in such a ghetto is born our hero ( Justin Timberlake ) , son of an idealist who gave up his life fighting against such a cruel and unjust system--and Justin is a son who would make his dead father proud , for he is destined to bring the whole edifice down.....

    But before he brings it down , he gets to romance the oh-too-willing daughter of a finance magnate ( ) , and escape some hair raising situations , and fight some fights......

    The movie is gripping enough in the first half , but meanders in the second half especially towards the end . But you can watch it for the novel idea of time replacing money .

    Verdict--just about okay . I would give it 2 and a half stars .
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    Concept is high...dont know how things come in some people's mind... :)

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