As possibility of third world war exists, China needs to be prepared

Discussion in 'China' started by Ray, Sep 16, 2014.

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    In the usual duplicitous Chinese way, using the Ukrainian imbroglio, China is making clear its own agenda of global domination quest.

    Third World War!

    The world is well aware, as so is China, that none can escape Armageddon if a third would war happens.

    And so, slyly China is building up her case of legitimising her 'smash and grab' hegemonic activities.

    China, notwithstanding its pious platitudes and mealy mouthed homilies, is basically a nation which has genetic aggressive intent to all other human being who are not Han or who prevent Hanisation of the world.

    Even if China arms herself to the teeth, she must and will be contained and kept in her place, so that the lunacy of theirs is kept at bay.
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    Re: As possibility of third world war exists, China needs to be prepar

    Chinese aggression against India and Vietnam occured in the economic dumpster years, before the Deng reforms. Before reforms China was more interested in exporting revolution. Then it mellowed down the rhetoric, cozied up to the US. Now, faced with rising wages and correspondingly uncompetitive exports, it is planning further adventures to shore up support of the ruling party. CCP now needs a quick, painless military victory. China's weaker neighbours should beware.
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