‘Make in India’ can’t be a policy, only an outcome

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    Aiyer is the brother of our sweet and polite commentator of the Congress, Mani Shanks.

    This Aiyer too is quite vitriolic when it comes to BJP or Modi.

    However, one wonders how any sane India would be envious of the rise of China as a manufacturing giant. or exult that India has lagged far behind for decades, and he naturally wants India to catch up.

    I thought it is natural for anyone, irrespective of nationality or being Modi, to want to rid oneself of laggardness and instead embrace progress and get rid of poverty. This Aiyer seems to make this desire seem to be a crime! Great! I would have accepted that the Communist would like India to lag behind the world, but image a self acclaimed 'economist' also parrots the Communist view. Desperation, Frustration that BJP rules the roost and not Aunty or sheer cussedness that afflicts Mnai Shanks and is it a genetic commonality with them?

    It maybe true that Nehruvian licence-permit raj, manufacturing used to grow at 4-5% per year! But then how much of the infrastructure to do so came from USSR gratis or paid in tea and bananas? Dementia, Mr Aiyar?

    Indeed, import substitution approach is reminiscent of Nehruvian days. But then it was with shoddy Indian product. Modi states substitution with world class foreign technology by inviting them to 'touch base' in India. Got the difference, brother of Mani Shanks. You should not cover reality under false pretence by clever manipulation of history, can you, old bean?

    I could go on, but let the posters have their say.

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