Albania to auction off 40 Communist-era aircraft

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    Albania to auction off 40 Communist-era aircraft

    © AFP/File | The auction by the Albanian defence ministry will include dozens of MiG-19 (pictured), MiG-17 and MiG-21 fighter planes, once the jewels of the Albanian army

    TIRANA (AFP) - Albania will this month auction off some 40 military planes and helicopters from the Communist era, whose historic value has attracted interest of museums and private collectors, the defence ministry said Wednesday.

    The auction, which is expected to raise at least 445,000 euros ($485,000), will include dozens of MiG-19, MiG-17 and MiG-21 fighter planes, once the jewels of the Albanian army.

    It will also include other planes and helicopters given to Albania by the Soviet Union and China in 1950s and 1960s, the defence ministry said.

    "The authorities fixed a total price for all the airplanes and helicopters that will be put on sale but it will also sell them by piece, and the amount will be determined in accordance with the specifications and conditions of each of them," defence ministry spokeswoman Edlira Prendi told AFP.

    The auction will take place in the capital Tirana on February 22.

    "The value of these objects is only historic and they could only be used for a civilian purpose," the ministry said in a statement on its website.

    Albania, a NATO member since 2009, decided in 2006 to get rid of arms dating back to the Communist era that ended in early 1990s.

    The announcement of the sale has already caught interest of museums and private collectors in Greece, Germany, France and the United States, Prendi said.

    French Air and Space Museum in Le Bourget near Paris has expressed interest in adding the aircraft to its collection of MiG planes made in 1950s, the ministry said.

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    Old planes from 1950 to the 1970's. But they have take back AF in Albania after they miss out in ten or five years with only Army and Navy and nothing AF in Albania Armed Forces. For two year ago they taken back AF. Off course strengthen of planes are of the AF of Albania anyone ? And total air craft of Albania any ? Bigger than Islam brothers Bosnia or smaller strenghten than Bosnia ? Bosnia have in 2014 force up Bosnia Armed Forces but if Kosovo do same Bosnia can goes down to militia and by 2 brigade in militia. Maybe this my old friend from Bosnia will with Bosnia. Kosovo will force up with 1000 soldiers and Bosnia down with forces. Anyone belief this is true about Bosnia and Kosovo and theirs best friend Albania ?
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    pakistan will be interested .....................
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    These are old aircraft, fit to be located in a museum. Albania needs money, apparently.

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