'After serving nation for so long, we hate to say good bye to Army'

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    New Delhi: In his 34 years of service in the Indian Army, Colonel A Murugesan of 12 Grenadiers had seen several Chiefs of Army Staff only on television. But on Tuesday, he saw him in person. Chief of Army Staff General Bikram Singh had called him along with 46 officers, who are going to retire this month, to personally thank for their services to the nation and hand them over their service related documents.

    After an address to the participants of the farewell meet, the Army chief also held a one-to-one interaction with them to seek their suggestions on various issues and know more about the men who were ready to die on his one command.

    This was the sixth batch of the retiring officers whom the Chief of Army Staff met personally, thanked them, spoke at length, asked their future plans and handed them over their valuable documents.

    "I salute you all for your services to the nation," Gen Singh told the group of officers.

    He also thanked their families who remained separated for years during their postings at various locations.

    The outgoing officers seemed to be impressed with the gesture of the Army chief.

    "This is a very nice gesture by the (Army) chief to meet personally and thank us for our services. It certainly makes you feel special and honoured. He handed over all our necessary documents personally. Since it is coming through his office, all the papers are in order and timely otherwise it takes a lot of time for a retired soldier to get his required papers. You keep writing letters, yet you don’t get response in time," an emotional Murugesan told Daily Bhaskar on the sidelines of the function.

    Similar emotions were expressed by Major General SK Kalra who while retiring as AG (Vehicles) from DGQA has not met any Army chief in his 38 years of service. "You feel good that before leaving the service, you are able to meet your top boss. He really made us feel special today," said Kalra.

    For Col Vijay Singh, this meeting with the Army chief was different from the official meeting he had six months back. He was much more relaxed as today he was the guest of honour. "This new trend of handing over documents is very good. It does not only save the outgoing official from the trauma and anxiety of collecting his documents post retirement but also makes him feel special. This tradition started by the present Army chief must not stop," he said.

    "It is an honour for us as very few get an opportunity to meet the Army chief. The best part of this meeting is handing over the necessary documents which earlier never came in time. The delay arrival of all necessary documents, pension, health facilities and all other post retirement benefits get delayed. Now you have everything at one place," said Col AK Singh of 6 Sikh Regiment.

    The tradition has been started since June this year and till date, about 300 officers have been called for a farewell by the Army chief.



    a nice gesture indeed that too coming from your boss...!!:thumb:

    but sad part is the way our babus handle these bravehearts after their retirement :shocked:... the officers were just as happy to see their documents in place as with meeting the chief...
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