Afghan soldiers wounded in Mazar consulate attack taken to India for treatment

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    By KHAAMA PRESS - Sun Jan 10 2016, 11:23 pm


    A number of the Afghan soldiers wounded in an attack on the Indian consulate have been taken to India for further treatment.

    The Indian ambassador to Afghanistan Amar Sinha confirmed in an online message posted in his Twitter account that the soldiers with critical injuries were shifted to India for the treatment.

    No further details have been given regarding the number of the Afghan soldiers who have been shifted to India, however the officials had earlier said at least five personnel of the Afghan security forces were wounded in the attack.

    The attack on the Indian consulate was launched last Sunday by a group of heavily armed insurgents who attempted to storm into the consulate compound.

    However, the attack was repulsed with the on time response of the security forces, forcing the insurgents to hide inside a building close to the Indian mission.

    The Afghan security forces managed to eliminate the assailants after almost 25 hours of stand off near.

    Although the Taliban group claimed responsibility behind the attack, however Urdu writings were left on the wall after the insurgents were killed.

    The messages believed to be written with blood stated that ‘Ek Shaheed 1,000 fedaye, Afzal Guru Ka entiqam’ which means ‘one martyr is replaced with 1,000 suicide attackers and that attack was revenge of Afzal Guru’.

    Afzal Guru was hanged in 2013 in one of the Indian jails for his alleged role in attack on the Indian Parliament.

    Amusing how an event that the extremist elements (you know who I'm talking about) thought would instill a distrust in India about security situation in Afghanistan has turned into a further trust-building measure between the two countries. The following meme summarizes the activity in Rawalpindi quite precisely...


    The third party being the Panda that lies to the East.
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